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Dana Marin December 8, 2017 0 comments 0

I am inviting you to experiment an ancient system for health improvement and maintenance at the physical, mental, emotional and energetically level. Yoga is a personal experience for each of us, I am only guiding you through.

A yoga class is like a rollercoaster of emotions that you access within yourself throughout the 90 minutes of practice. All these emotions are in fact opportunities to accept the present moment as it is. We normally find it difficult to accept emotions that we don’t like so we either repress them, or we become reactive. My intention at my yoga classes is to create an inner “space” where each of us connects to her/himself and accepts her/himself as (s)he is in that moment.

I have a saying: we recreate on the yoga mat everything that we create in our lives. If  you make a difference inside yourself on the yoga mat, then it will reflect in your everyday life.

Yoga has thought me to respect my body limitations and to have patience with myself. This is also what I advise my students. Each session is a journey through the body and mind’s tensions and no class is the same with another. Our flexibility, balance and power of concentration differ from one day to the other, depending on various factors (diet, thoughts, emotions etc.). One day we can feel in harmony with ourselves and with everything around us, the next one, not. What matters is how we navigate through our own human complexity and how easily we succeed to balance our thoughts, attitudes, emotions.

The moment we are at peace with ourselves, we are at peace with everything around us. By being aware of every breath, we rise above momentary tensions and emotions. Thus we gain wisdom for acting instead of reacting to different life situations.

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