Mindfulness & The City

Dana Marin December 19, 2017 0 comments 0

Would you like to be more zen? Would you like to explore more ways to lead a better life? Would you like to have more energy every day? You don’t have to wait for the next holiday. Nor to take a sabbatic. Actually you don’t have to leave the office at all in order to connect to yourself! We are…

An Interview in CSID

Dana Marin December 19, 2017 0 comments 0

Dana Marin: “Yoga has taught me to listen to myself, to see myself, to practice honesty with myself.” Author: Bianca Poptean Dana Marin left behind a career in a multinational company to discover yoga. Af-ter 7 years of exploring the world as a trainee and teacher, in which she discov-ered herself and (re)discovered the world from another perspective, Dana (ur-ban-yoga.ro) has…

An Urban Approach to Defining Yoga

Dana Marin December 19, 2017 0 comments 0

Simple explanations for some specific concepts of the philosophical system that is yoga. An urban approach to defining yoga! A asana = yoga exercise / pose in which you feel stable but comfortable; in short, we do not torture ourselves in yoga apana = represents one of the body’s vital energy forms that manifests in the lower abdomen region; it…

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