I am

dana marin

Photo Credit: Razvan Ionescu

After 10 years spent in the world of corporations, I decided to radically change my life and start over again. I became a yoga instructor and ever since I began to change my life for the better… and also to support others in their positive change process.

During my first 5 years of teaching group classes, I started to gain new understandings and depths of yoga. I have explored neuroscience to understand how the brain works, the science of medical intuition, ayurveda, the psychology of the unconscious, the akashic field, numerology, working with crystals.

Following internationally yoga and mindfulness trainings (India, US, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) I learned how to work, not only with my body, but also with my mind in order to be more every day, maximising my emotional, physical and mental potential.

I write about my personal journey as a yogi and yoga teacher in the Urban Yoga Book section of the site.

May we all be more in Love, Peace and Power!