Future Me – My Alter Ego

Dana Marin December 14, 2017 0 comments 0

This morning the sun smiled through my window. Pleased by its appearance, I hurried out of the house. With the garbage bag in one hand and the keys in the other, I quickly threw my scarf and sun glasses in the handbag. I was going in my head through the to-do list of an administrative day: go to the bank, pay the bills, leave a note with the water consumption index for the building administrator, buy something to eat… I felt the wind breeze on my face and, while glancing at the sun, I was trying in vain to feel its warmth. Happy that I took the scarf with me, I told myself I’d put it on after I’d finish at the bank. Hurrying up, I catch a glimpse of a woman way over 70 walking fiercely at the end of the alley. I am struck by her body posture and the vitality she emanates. I scan her quickly from head to toes, completely fascinated by her energy flow which seemed unobstructed in any energetic area. I wanted to approach her but my brain had already gotten stuck in the no-mind mode and I couldn’t find any excuse. All I had left was simply to savor her presence. Getting closer, we were staring at each other. She stops and tells me:

“My dear, your neck! You have to cover your neck, or you might catch a cold! The neck is such a sensitive area! Your health is the most precious thing.”

“Yes, you are right, that’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m glad you approached me because I watched you from the distance and you look fantastic. How old are you?”

She thanks me smiling and says she’s 92. She assures me that doing sports is responsible for her good shape and that not one single day has passed in her life without exercising. During this whole time my imagination was going wild and I could almost see her on the yoga mat in a crow pose. Full of life she tells me with self confidence that her behind does not look 92, and neither do her breasts. Hearing this I start laughing loud remembering a chat with one of my girl friends to whom I once confessed through gales of laughter that my wish is to die with my buttocks toned up. My friend asked me why, since no one would care anyways anymore. And my firm answer was that I would still care even then.

I come back to the present moment where the life elixir was unfolding before me and I become mesmerized by her red lipstick. Dutzi – that’s what she told me to call her – was already teaching me how to take care of myself, to do sports, not to eat junk food, to drink water… But I can’t focus too long as my mind starts working again, taking me to the future this time. I can almost see myself in …92-35… years, walking on the street and surprising people who have eyes for me, I approach them with my divine mother energy, and I start explaining them how to breathe and why breathing is the most important thing… I smile in my mind telling myself: “Oh, no, I’m already doing this… although, thanks God, I haven’t started approaching them on the street yet… although this does not seem too far away either…”

I come back to the present moment again, a little disturbed by my mind’s escapades to the past and to the future, and I tell Dutzi I would like to take a picture of her. She says:

“No, not by myself, but together with you”.

I ask a man who was passing by to take a photo of us. Then I inform Dutzi that I want to know more about her. She assures me that I will, and she explains to me where she’s living. Then she apologizes in a hurry that she has to leave, as she’s expected to check in in the park, assuring me again that we’ll have another chance to talk some more. She turns around and I watch her leave. I stand still, amazed and full of wonder. Then I continue on my way to the bank with Dutzi on my mind, telling myself that this is exactly how I wanna be when I’m 92: full of life and wearing red lipstick, a statement of a conscious life lived fully, in honor of my body, mind and soul! Yuhuu, Yoga!

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