Solitude and Spirituality

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A time will come when people will be defined by the way they understand loneliness. Solitude makes some people mad. Others, it turns into angels.

Loneliness has been – and remains – a fundamental subject in literature, even if only for the reason that the act of writing is one of complete solitude. People write when they are alone. Most writers needed to be alone to write, and even when they dictated to scribes, their words reflected thoughts and meditations they had attained while in deep solitude.

Solitary people have always constituted an enigma, because it is common knowledge in the world that revelations only occur in solitude. When Moses had to talk to God, he climbed a mountain and got away from his community.

The richer the inner world of a person, the more that person wishes to be alone. Fearing loneliness is proof of spiritual immaturity and of the incapacity of understanding the true meanings of human condition.

To escape loneliness, people have invented machines that replace humans: devices that play music, that project people and animals in motion, they have created the film industry etc. A modern person is nowadays bombarded, at any given moment, with these imitations of communication. But they are only a delusion – and you cannot converse with a delusion.

Can we tell a movie: “I love you”? Or can we speak to the buttons that start our music? No. “But we don’t feel the need to”, you will reply. This is also correct. All this noise annihilates our need to communicate, to make statements, to transmit, even if it was apparently meant to drive away our feelings of loneliness.
We can only make statements about what we understand, we only understand what we have medi-tated upon, we only meditate when we have appropriate conditions, and the primary condition for meditation is solitude. It is because we never have the chance to be alone, that we are not able to meditate about what we are and feel. Since we don’t think, we don’t make statements, and since we have not made a statement about ourselves and what we are and feel, we don’t have anything left to say.

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, if you don’t have a wall filled with cat videos, shoe commercials or different news on bombs and accidents, you will notice that even your most intelli-gent friends only comment on facts that aren’t their own: what politicians did, how a street was fixed etc. People with their own stories and tales of their spirits have started to disappear, they are hidden more and more from our sight, we lose track of them in this crazy world.

A time will come when people will be recognized according to the way they understand loneliness, because solitude makes some people crazy, while others it turns into angels.
It is not a secret that people suffer from loneliness. It’s not something new on Earth. Just the pur-pose of loneliness is different – in our days, very few draw from their loneliness poems and flowers to share with the world.

Make thus time for solitude in your life.
Father Savatie Bastovoi

Source: Ganduri din Ierusalim

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