Steve Jobs and Urban Yoga

Dana Marin December 15, 2017 0 comments 0

Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs did yoga. The man who redefined marketing and communication did yoga. He was greatly influenced by this ancient way of living a balanced life and the last gift he made to his loved ones was the book that had left a mark on his whole wife: The Autobiography of a Yogi. Every person at his funeral received a copy.

Following his spiritual explorations in India, Jobs concluded that his most precious gift is his intuition. More so, this is where the slogan which redefined marketing – Think Different – stems from. When you are connected to your intuition, you bring out the uniqueness of your being, therefore you manifest differently. We are all different but we need the courage to be ourselves in a world that constantly tells us how one should be.

This is what yoga does. It connects you to yourself. The same way you connect your ear-phones to your iPod and access all the information contained by that small device. It’s the same with yoga. It connects you to your own being and from there, you access all the resources that exist within you: creativity, inspiration, intuition, vision, efficiency. Yoga resembles a charger we all need to refill our batteries and to function in a balanced manner within the framework of the jobs we have, the relationships we create, the world we live in.

I DID NOT create Urban Yoga to tell you how to live a balanced life. There are no universal recipes. What works for me may not work for you. I created Urban Yoga to remind you that every one of us is his own perfect dietitian, psychologist and teacher. We all know deep down what’s best for us. We are all different and have our own truth when it comes to “what’s best for me?”. All Urban Yoga programs are based on this assumption. They guide you and they support you along the process. Your own experiences are the only ones capable of transforming you, not information or knowledge.

However, in order to connect with yourself, two things are necessary: curiosity and courage. The curiosity and courage to explore different instruments that bring you closer to yourself and connect you to your own intelligence.

This is what yoga was for Steve Jobs. An instrument that helped him to see the world from the inside out, a fact that remains reflected in the mark he has left on humankind. That is what I wanted to say about yoga and Urban Yoga. What about you? What helps you connect with yourself?

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