The Soul Connection with the Body and Mind

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“From the Nature of the Soul / Oversoul Series – Part 1”

Matthew: Is the human soul able to depart the physical body before the death of the physical body on this earth at this human time?

Polaris AB: The expression of the Oversoul in the form of individual soul aspect/s may wish to gain new experience on many differing levels of dimension including astral and material worlds. The greatest and most complex expression is that of physical humanoid form based on the pinnacle of evolution, as achieved on each of the life supporting planets scattered across the Universe.

Known as the mind/body/spirit complex, the birth process involves the soul consciousness synchronising a combination of bodies composed of spiritual / astral or mental / emotional and physical. These are joined by overlaying the bodies with each ‘body’ present in a sequence of higher vibrational energetic multi-dimensional levels. The Mind of the individual soul aspect determines which level it wishes to be present within. Known as the conscious, subconscious, super conscious, dream and astral states. If the physical body is no longer capable of supporting the soul aspect, then the consciousness switches to the next level of existence – know this as death.
The conscious Mind is capable of leaving the physical body at any moment of time/space but maintains a connection which can be observed on the astral level and is described as the ‘silver chord’. Leaving the physical body can be achieved in a number of ways through soul agreement, this can be on a temporary basis such as a near death experience, coma, trance or through soul agreement such as a Walk in, Soul Transfer or Descension with Higher aspect of Self. In all cases, the ‘death’ of an individual physical body is always through agreement with the soul in whatever form the death takes place. With the soul no longer present, the Silver Chord is detached and the Mind consciousness that oversees the maintenance of the physical body ceases and a breakdown into individual constituents takes place. Coherence of the physical body through standing waves gives way to incoherence creating dissipatory, destructive waves – order becomes chaos, as is nature’s way.

Matthew: Can you explain the process of physical death/soul transition as it may occur straight into the 5th Dimension. This is assuming that skipping the 4th dimension is a real possibility for human beings.

Polaris AB: The Soul is already present in all of its dimensional aspects as a combination of its mind/body/spirit complex determined by its energetic ‘signature vibration’. Consider this as the range of vibratory frequencies that it resides within across levels or dimensions. A frequency of choice can be accessed at any time the Mind Consciousness chooses through focused thought. There will be many ‘current’ human beings whose Soul aspect came from an Oversoul that existed in higher dimensions above Fifth – and there may be a Soul agreement to return directly to merge with the Oversoul upon finishing a physical existence. If the Soul agreement is through death of the physical body, the Soul will return to the dimension that it is most comfortable with.

In many cases, fourth dimension offers a transitory ‘bridge’ to Fifth dimension to familiarise a Soul with its origin and original purpose. This may be required where the conscious awareness of an individual soul is more comfortable with a ‘physical’ type of existence but is no longer present in a ‘third dimensional’ physical vibratory state. This preparatory state will feel real but the physicality is through Mind consciousness rather than physical vibration.

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Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB

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