The Three Waves of Light and your Feminine and Masculine Energy

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Artwork by Carpusor Ovidiu

Excerpt from the upcoming book, A Course in Mastering Alchemy
by Jim Self

During these times of Shift, there are three powerful Waves of Light moving through the solar system, planet Earth and all of humanity. Two of these Waves are very much about disengaging the electromagnetic fields of thought and emotion that are misaligned within our current, third dimensional state of experience. The third Wave assists in easing the transition of this disengagement and smoothly moving humanity from the duality of the third dimension, separation and fear, to a fifth dimensional state of wellbeing.

Duality has been very misunderstood. Duality was never meant to be two in separation, but One with two balanced components. Within the duality of the third dimension, feminine and masculine energy has been separated and reduced to gender and body types. In the fifth dimension, duality is a balance of the feminine and masculine. Feminine and masculine energy in the fifth dimensional reality is the fundamental building block of all creations. We each have this unlimited creative power available to us, but it has been lost and forgotten.

Feminine and masculine creative energy is a core aspect within each of us, however it is also misunderstood and out of balance. Feminine creative energy is very complex, multi-focused, energized and fast. Masculine creative energy is simple, uncomplicated, single-focused, and slower than the feminine. When the Teachers of Light talk about “feminine” or “masculine”, they are referring to a set of characteristics and energetics within the creation process, not physical bodies.

Feminine energetics include ease, patience, flow, smooth and understanding. Masculine creative energy holds energetics such as, stable, structure, focused and commanding. This is not to say that the masculine can’t flow in ease, or the feminine can’t be stable and solid. Stable as feminine energy demonstrates itself differently than stable as masculine energy. Flow as masculine demonstrates itself differently than the feminine flow. Take a moment and observe this for yourself.

To illustrate this difference, masculine creative energy is composed of straight lines and angles. Feminine energy is composed of curves and swirls. There are no straight lines and angles in the feminine and there are no curves and swirls in the masculine. Both types of creative energy are absolutely valuable and required to bring your creations forth. Masculine energy without feminine energy is not whole; it doesn’t feel valued; it’s not nurtured or appreciated. It feels incomplete. This is not about men and women or relationships, and yet, this applies there too. More importantly, this is about your personal, internal, masculine and feminine balance. Female energy without masculine energy is also not whole. It feels unsupported and unfocused. It’s scattered, ungrounded and unstable. It is without structure and as a result it has no sense of direction, completion, or success.

Within any creation process, the feminine energy is the first spark; the initial impulse of a creative idea, desire or thought. Masculine creative energy then takes that impulse and creates a structure for its manifestation; the scaffolding to hold and construct it. This interchange of co-creating occurs within each of us, in our individual expressions as well as our external relationships. For example, the feminine within you has the idea and impulse to garden. The masculine within you then takes that idea and builds the raised beds. The feminine energy then plants and tends the vegetables and herbs. You benefit by having fresh, delicious food. A unified creation process. Without both components, strong and sure, you would have less satisfying results. Those who create dominantly in one energetic or the other, end up with results that are off balance, incomplete and generally not successful. All your successful creations were created in this back and forth flow, whether you did so intentionally or not.

Now is the time for that intentionality. As these three Waves now move through Earth and humanity, feminine and masculine creative potential is being returned to its original intention as the foundation of creation. The status quo, however, is also being disrupted and felt by every human on the planet. Institutions, geopolitics, world finance, religion and the very nature of Earth herself are all in this transition. This Shift and journey is now very much occurring and you cannot take your baggage with you. All limiting beliefs, judgments and fears held internally are being disrupted and brought to the surface to be released. Arguing for what has been will become increasingly uncomfortable.

As the first two Waves of Light disengage the limiting beliefs of the third dimension, the third Wave presents you with the grand opportunity to create your life in a new, unified way. Choose to identify and intentionally utilize your feminine and masculine creative energy and you will not only return to wellbeing, you will uplift Earth and all her inhabitants. You have much to contribute.

Source: Mastering Alchemy

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